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After the success in May of this year, with the first edition of the International Congress of Gastroenterology and Endoscopy of the South Pacific & the 7th Live Endoscopy Course of IECED 2018, the Ecuadorian Institute of Digestive Diseases (IECED) and the Pentax Training Center Ecuador, open up the opportunity to register for the second and eighth editions, respectively.

It is the most important event of digestive medicine in Ecuador and the region, which will be held in May 3, 4 and 5, 2019, at the Sheraton Hotel Guayaquil. 

The cutting-edge technology and advances in endoscopic procedures are the highlight of these days that year after year put doctors’ agendas on hold to meet in such a great event. And, not only do national doctors meet but also international ones.

As expected, to provide a high level of education during the conference, we have selected the best and most emblematic international doctors who have confirmed their participation:


Likewise, we will have the presence of recognized and prestigious national doctors:

  • Hannah Pitanga, MD (Guayaquil)

  • Haydee Alvarado, MD (Guayaquil)

  • Raquel del Valle, MD (Guayaquil)

  • Javier Mora, MD (Guayaquil)

  • Mario Vargas, MD (Guayaquil)

  • Javier Carrillo, MD (Guayaquil)

  • Carlos Cifuentes, MD (Guayaquil)

  • Isabel Delgado, MD (Guayaquil)

  • Ángel Alvarado, MD (Guayaquil)

  • Irene Alvarado, MD (Guayaquil)

  • Francisco Abarca R., MD (Guayaquil)

  • Gonzalo Benalcázar, MD (Guayaquil)

  • Miguel Soria, MD (Guayaquil)

  • Alexandra Salvador, MD (Guayaquil)

  • Guido Aguilera, MD (Guayaquil)

  • Carlos Gómez, MD (Guayaquil)

  • Galo Pazmiño, MD (Quito)

  • Marco Luna Espinel, MD (Quito)

  • Vicente Peñaherrera, MD (Quito)

  • Ramiro Coello, MD (Quito)

  • Ricardo Chong, MD (Quito)

  • Patricio Abad, MD (Cuenca)

  • Freddy Hinostroza, MD (Portoviejo)

  • Carlos Robles-Jara, MD (Portoviejo)

  • Vilma Rodríguez, MD (Portoviejo)

  • Guillermo Cevallos, MD (Portoviejo)

  • Monserrate Largacha, MD (Portoviejo)

  • Martha Fernández, MD (Portoviejo)

  • Gustavo Toala, MD (Portoviejo)

  • Mayra Medranda, MD (Portoviejo)

  • Farid Doumet, MD (Portoviejo)

  • Juan Manuel Alcívar (Guayaquil)


Attendees to these days will enjoy the following benefits:


  • Access to the two chat rooms and transmissions of LIVE CASES (with simultaneous translation).

  • Access to the Video-Library Learning Center area.

  • Access to the PRECONGRESS (HANDS ON COURSE exclusive for VIP assistants and / or who register in advance. LIMITED NUMBER OF GUESTS).

  • Access to the exhibition area, where different Commercial brands will showcase innovations in pharmaceuticals, endoscopic technology, among other topics.

  • 15% discount on the general registration to the Congress for WEO members.

  • Coffee breaks and lunch.

All this and more,will be held at the Sheraton Guayaquil, official sponsor of the event, which offers preferential rates to all registered people who purchase their tickets in advance (subject to room availability).

The cost of registration is USD 300 + TAX per person. Reservations are limited.

For more information contact [email protected] at +593 4 2109180 Ext: 116.

Register and do not miss out on this incredible event!

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